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2017-2018 heating season Pre-buy information Propane Tank Monitoring


Please contact us for more information about our many services:

  • Service all propane equipment and appliances
  • Service fuel oil heating equipment and perform combustion analysis to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Professionally install safe propane and fuel oil distribution systems
  • Pre-buy program for propane
  • Supply of underground propane tanks with signed contract
  • Pressure check of propane/fuel oil systems
  • Pumping and removal of oil tanks
  • Disposal of old equipment/appliances
  • Service and install many propane and fuel oil appliances
  • Propane filling station on premises for barbecue tanks and campers
  • In house repairs of many appliances including barbecue grills, construction heaters, etc. They can be picked up by Helmer's Fuel or dropped off by customers
  • We accept Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover cards

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